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About Rolo´s Travel

Rolo’s Travel Peru is a local company which doesn’t just only create trips, we create memories that last a lifetime. Our philosophy is to combine a high-level of service with authentic experience and promote the ancient Incan philosophy of Ayni, (reciprocity) Mink’a (team support) and Myta (duty) to generate the real life experience and encourage to be part of soul and spirit of Peru.From classic tour to custom itineraries off the beaten track, we get you closer to the sacred land, to the people, to the stories witch form the past and present of Peru.
Beyond the treks, we offer customized tour package for groups and individuals, we work with each client to create an itinerary best suited you, including treks, longing tours and special interest programs. Whatever your needs, we can help to ensure and engaging trip without the hassle, come to travel with Rolo’s Travel Peru – The land of the Incan spirit.

To deliver memorable experience that are the ultimate expression of authentic Peruvian culture and offering the high quality and personalized service, while maintaining our commitment investing in our people and service.

To become the leading ground operator in Peru and our clients’ best partner, by providing the best highest quality service of the lifetime and develop methods to provided opportunity for children and families education and consistently demonstrating our commitment towards social and environmental responsibility.

Rolo’s Travel Peru provides the superior and unique tours of the Andes. One of our primary goals is to support the local community. We are able to accomplish this goal by providing jobs and building sustainable schools for Andean kids. Our large variety of tours allows us to cater to any need. We are sure that there is an expedition that suits your desires.
Rolo’s Travel Peru is based in Cusco, Peru. The owner, Rolando Saico, has lived in the Andes all of his life. Since he was 18-years-old he has worked the Inca Trail on every trek to Machu Picchu, as porter, cook and a tour guide. Born and raised in a small village called Huayllabamba within the Inca Trail, Saico attended a Quechuan speaking elementary and high school. He then went on to Cusco University to further his studies in tourism degreed. Growing up in a small Quechuan village ignited his passion for traveling and hiking in all Peru and the surrounding mountains and exploring his heritage.

When Rolando did starts the company?
He started creating Rolo’s Travel Peru in October 2018

Why did he start the company?
To create more Job opportunities for the locals with better salary and respect the porter welfare and to give back to the community especially for Andean children.

Why should I travel with Rolo’s Travel Peru?
Because RTP is a 100% local company, we have the best camping logistics, best guides, porters, and itinerary
On any trip, the quality of your journey is greatly impacted by your tour guide. Here at Rolo’s Travel Peru, we have top notch tour guides who consistently go above and beyond expectations to provide you with an outstanding experience. All of our tour Leaders and Guides are locals, from Cusco and the Sacred Valley. They have all completed degrees in tourism from Cusco National University. Their expertise includes local flora and fauna, geography, history, archeology, anthropology, and astronomy. Trekking through Peru with one of our tour guides will be an incredible learning experience

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